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Herbal Drink.

A glowing beautiful melanin or white skin, a healthy human system – danger to sickness and diseases, have you ever wondered just like me how both the poor and rich of the African society...

Art of Banga Soup.

There is absolutely nothing that can be compared to its taste, made from its unique ingredient for without which it can be made. It leaves your taste bud very jumpy even though it is...

Obodo M.

What does it mean to be a Nigerian? What does it take to be a Nigerian? What does it mean to be an African?

Enemundo Soup or Sauce.

I remember the first time my dad told my aunt that he wanted to eat his yam with Enemundo sauce, my siblings and I were stunned by the name because we had never heard...

Jellof Rice

Be Calm and Eat Jollof

“What if I told you that Jollof rice is a state of mind?” As a Nigerian, “Jollof” is our state of mind. To a Nigerian, it means sweetness, happiness, joy 🙂 Jollof rice is said to have originated from the Wolof tribe in Senegal, it was once a great empire which was divided into parts of the Gambia. Now in the whole of Africa, different countries celebrate this dish in their own way.