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Being Black Mean.

There’s none better than the other. Black and White are colors made up by men to cause disparity among races that come from the mating of same sperm and egg but due to the...

WE: where lives matter.

Black or white matters like the human chromosome X and Y The fruit of primary colors combination is one secondary color, Just the way the mating of the human chromosome creates one fetus.


To the African woman, whom I admire, love and am grateful for:


Creator why was I not born white? Why is my skin color black? I kept asking myself everyday because I did not understand the artistry and efficacy of the color black Or what it...

An african and a radio.

I remember back in secondary school when the only phone I had was a Visafone mobile without a camera or music player, which subjected to only one source of information known as ‘radio’. the...

Why You Should Make Egypt Your Next Destination

Why You Should Make Egypt Your Next Destination

No doubt, Africa is a beautiful continent. It’s not all about the wars and plights, there are really amazing places to visit in Africa. Well, Egypt is really one of such places! Egypt is an amazing country with energy and passionate people! The issue here is that Egypt experienced crises some years back and fast forward to 2015, the question is, why should you visit Egypt? I will love to visit Egypt, just like my friend did a month ago! She spent 2 weeks there and it was really amazing for her. She shared her amazing experiences with me and I am here to share with you all. Here are 4 reasons why you should make Egypt your next destination.

Egypt is currently safe

I know the media can always make things look abnormal and we humans really care about our safety. Yes, it’s normal, we love to live! According to the reports coming out from Egypt, stability and safety has increased tremendously. My friend confirmed this while in Egypt a month ago! All you have to know is that no place in the world is 100% safe. If your safety has been the reason why you have been avoiding a visit to Egypt, please, think again, Egypt is currently safe and stable. According to my friend, security network is top class.