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My Love for Yam Potage.

You know how there is one person that lightens up your mood or the feeling you get when you see your favorite thing, that is exactly what Yam potage means to me. For so...

Art of Banga Soup.

There is absolutely nothing that can be compared to its taste, made from its unique ingredient for without which it can be made. It leaves your taste bud very jumpy even though it is...

Simple Afang Soup Recipe.

AFANG also known as okazi is a vegetable popular among the southern part of NIGERIA itโ€™s used to prepare a soup known as AFANG soup, it is highly nutritious because it contains protein, carbohydrate and some essential amino acids.

AFANG soup is also prepared with a reasonable amount of waterleaf or spinach and the AFANG leafs.


Afang leafs

Water leafs or spinach

Dry stockfish

Smoked fish