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Being Black Mean.

There’s none better than the other. Black and White are colors made up by men to cause disparity among races that come from the mating of same sperm and egg but due to the...


ย This is an ode to God in the various common African languages ranging from Igbo to Spanish. God has been merciful upon Africa just like the Israelites in the bible so…


To the African woman, whom I admire, love and am grateful for:


Creator why was I not born white? Why is my skin color black? I kept asking myself everyday because I did not understand the artistry and efficacy of the color black Or what it...

An african and a radio.

I remember back in secondary school when the only phone I had was a Visafone mobile without a camera or music player, which subjected to only one source of information known as ‘radio’. the...

Jellof Rice

Be Calm and Eat Jollof

“What if I told you that Jollof rice is a state of mind?” As a Nigerian, “Jollof” is our state of mind. To a Nigerian, it means sweetness, happiness, joy ๐Ÿ™‚ Jollof rice is said to have originated from the Wolof tribe in Senegal, it was once a great empire which was divided into parts of the Gambia. Now in the whole of Africa, different countries celebrate this dish in their own way.