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The following morning, the air was cloudless, peaceful. And the atmosphere was back to life with mother singing as she prepared breakfast in the kitchen: “ekeledili chineke, ekeledili mu aya, ekelidi mun o so,...

Becoming Somebody II.

“We Will Rise” is a CNN film that showcases young women overcoming incredible odds to change their lives and do extraordinary things in their society. It is a mission by Michelle Obama, America’s first...

Becoming Somebody I.

Mama, I hear the field is green and the roses are red The wildflowers are growing in the farmlands and I just wonder when the girls will be one, Mama When will the girls...

NNEM O (Mother).

A beautiful caramel and a petal like vegetable leaf Strong, delicate and remarkable as an African Seductive, innocent, pure and talented African oyibo


To the African woman, whom I admire, love and am grateful for: