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With the current economic situation and crisis among several others occurring in the nation, most people must have forgotten that Nigeria has a heart. Even before these present situations, not every citizen as well...


Africa being the second largest and second most popular continent on planet earth,  have seen a great change in industrialization in the 21st century. She being 30.2 million km2, Africa covers 6% of earths total surface area and 20.4% of its total land area.It carries more than 1.1 billion people accounting for 15% of worlds population .

Since the beginning,Africa has been known to be the cradle of mankind with the earliest man believed to walk on earth was found in Ethiopia dated 200,000 years ago.Due to its rapid population growth,there has been a challenge curbing food security. This has made poverty to strangle Africans making it the continent with the most third world countries. Africa is also known for large diversity of ethnicity,culture and languages. In the 19th century,missionaries such as Ludwig Craft came to Africa from Europe to explore.This mission brought about colonization of Africa because Europeans realized vast resources on the continent which led to development of infrastructure and industries across the continent.

Motherland Finest- why we do it

Motherland Finest- why we do it

Welcome to our motherland Finest website our main purpose for this project is to educate others about our African heritage and cultural backgrounds such as food, fashions, art, etc.
 Africa is a land of the victorious where the citizens triumph over fear. Not all of us whom from the village walk around bare­footed, majority of us maybe from the village but we walk around with pride and dignity to preserve our motherland wills, because every soul has something unique. we have cities, employments, professors, doctors, a leadership and opportunities just like other Continents. 
  We are more than willing to educate the world about the truths that’s been concealed behind the screen. Africa! the word itself describes honesty and humbleness, sometimes an inspirational idea can help us renew ourselves and be filled with strength to fulfill our life purpose.

By Kadir F Abdi.

Africa in Itself

Africa in Itself

 Where would you like to travel if you can travel anywhere in the world? I know where I would travel. The land of the free where there are down to earth people. Somewhere that has sacred ground of a spiritual sense and many diverse cultural aspects. Africa that is! Africa has many diverse cultural lifestyles, different foods and languages.  The people there work in a down to earth way. Africa is the second largest continent and has 54 countries within itself, despite it being the second largest continent it’s the only place that has 54 countries and there all very diverse. Africa was once joined to other continents in fact all 7 was link together. Diversity is a big part of mankind, knowing how things are setup from different parts of the world can enhance your everyday lifestyle. South Africa very beautiful. Many cities, shopping malls that has many people out there on the daily.

“Africa in its self” a short essay by Stephon Ruffin.