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Kenya: The magical tour destination in Africa

Kenya is renowned globally for its world record beating athletes especially in marathon and long distance races.  Apart from being one of the best athletic countries in the world, Kenya is one of the most vibrant tourism destinations in Africa. Here are the top reasons why you should visit Kenya. 

The home of African safari

It is in Kenya where the popular African safari is at its best, in terms of the wide variety of exotic experiences and uniqueness of the expeditions. Kenya safari entails bush drives in the country’s vast game reserves and national parks that are inhabited by wide range of wildlife, such as the endangered white rhinos and a variety of rare bird species. As a visitor, you can affordably and safely organize to camp in the Kenyan wild reserves for an experience of a life time. You can also  have a wildlife experience by embarking on bush drives or flying in hot air balloons.

Simple Afang Soup Recipe.

AFANG also known as okazi is a vegetable popular among the southern part of NIGERIA it’s used to prepare a soup known as AFANG soup, it is highly nutritious because it contains protein, carbohydrate and some essential amino acids.

AFANG soup is also prepared with a reasonable amount of waterleaf or spinach and the AFANG leafs.


Afang leafs

Water leafs or spinach

Dry stockfish

Smoked fish

Why You Should Make Egypt Your Next Destination

Why You Should Make Egypt Your Next Destination

No doubt, Africa is a beautiful continent. It’s not all about the wars and plights, there are really amazing places to visit in Africa. Well, Egypt is really one of such places! Egypt is an amazing country with energy and passionate people! The issue here is that Egypt experienced crises some years back and fast forward to 2015, the question is, why should you visit Egypt? I will love to visit Egypt, just like my friend did a month ago! She spent 2 weeks there and it was really amazing for her. She shared her amazing experiences with me and I am here to share with you all. Here are 4 reasons why you should make Egypt your next destination.

Egypt is currently safe

I know the media can always make things look abnormal and we humans really care about our safety. Yes, it’s normal, we love to live! According to the reports coming out from Egypt, stability and safety has increased tremendously. My friend confirmed this while in Egypt a month ago! All you have to know is that no place in the world is 100% safe. If your safety has been the reason why you have been avoiding a visit to Egypt, please, think again, Egypt is currently safe and stable. According to my friend, security network is top class.