For The Love Of Food

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4 Responses

  1. khadeejah655 says:

    Well articulated! Food just has this healing power on me! When did I start to appreciate food this much? I can’t remember! I only remember myself as a bony going child who doesn’t eat. I only loved garri, cassava flakes.
    It’s funny when I think of whom I used to be.

  2. Aisha says:

    I cant quite remember where my love for cookign started but my mum told me i always stuck to her like glue when all my mates where playing outside or watching cartoons and at age 4 i was already cooking and eveb made amala and offered a guest(my aunt) when she wasnt around which i obviously dont recall. But cooking has always been my happy place. When i am nervous, stressed, overwhelmed, sad, happy, I cook. I am rounding up a masters degree and I can say I cooked more than i studied because of the stress i guess. I love to experiment and tey new things probably another reason why I am an Industrial chemist/chemical engineer. Food channel my favourite channel for years. I can taste the tiniest hint of most spices, i love my spice. People keep saying i should go into catering but i dont know. The cooking is the part thay makes me happy the most and I cant eat just anything. The maids we had couldnt even cook my food but the recent one always tried to recreate my dishes and she didnt do badly. Cooking is effortless for me and for now cooking just makes me happy!

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